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The Reproach
By : Balzac Honore de
The fair laundress of Portillon-les-Tours, of whom a droll saying has already been given in this book,...
The Venial Sin
By : Balzac Honore de
How the Good Man Bruyn Took a Wife Messire Bruyn, he who completed the Castle of Roche-Corbon-les- Vouvray,...
The Maid Of Thilouse
By : Balzac Honore de
The lord of Valennes, a pleasant place, of which the castle is not far from the town of Thilouse, had taken...
Concerning A Provost Who Did Not Recognise Things
By : Balzac Honore de
In the good town of Bourges, at the time when that lord the king disported himself there, who afterwards...
By : Balzac Honore de
By the double crest of my fowl, and by the rose lining of my sweetheart's slipper! By all the horns of well-beloved...
The False Courtesan
By : Balzac Honore de
That which certain people do not know, is a the truth concerning the decease of the Duke of Orleans,...
The Vicar Of Azay-le-rideau
By : Balzac Honore de
In those days the priests no longer took any woman in legitimate marriage, but kept good mistresses as pretty...
A Nervous Breakdown
By : Chekhov Anton
A MEDICAL student called Mayer, and a pupil of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture...
About The Monk Amador
By : Balzac Honore de
About the Monk Amador, Who was a Glorious Abbot of Turpenay One day that it was drizzling with rain--a...
How The Chateau D'azay Came To Be Built
By : Balzac Honore de
Jehan, son of Simon Fourniez, called Simonnin, a citizen of Tours-- originally of the village of Moulinot,...

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